We are capable to deliver semi, fully or other special paraffin wax with an oil content of 0.5% to %5, suitable for all kind of candle, wood, match, pencil, rubber, textile, paper, food and other type of industry.

Fully refined Paraffin waxes

FULLY REFINED PWID: 5001ID: 5002ID: 5003ID: 5004ID: 5005ID: 5006
Melting point, oC54-5852-5450-5258-6058-6262-68
Oil Content, w. %max. 0,5max. 0,8max 0,7max 0,8max. 1,51,5-3,0
Outward apperancewhite christaline masswhite christaline masswhite christaline masswhite christaline masswhite christaline massCreamy White
Color in conv. Trade-markSaybolt min 29Saybolt min 28-30Saybolt min 28-3027-2926-3020-30
Packingflakes / liquidslabs / liquidgranulate / slabs / liquidslabsslabsslabs
Fully refined paraffin waxes.
Application: All kind of candles, paper industry, coating, food industry

Semi refined Paraffin waxes

SEMI REFINED PWID : 5012ID : 5013ID : 5014ID : 5015ID : 5016ID : 5017
Melting point, oC53 – 5754 – 5552 – 5556 – 5852 – 6262 – 68
Oil Content, w. %max. 1%max. 1,5%3-5%max. 0,5%max. 5%max. 3%
Outward apperanceWhite Crystalline mass Snow whiteSnow whiteSnow white White christ. Mass with grey tintCreamy white
Color / Saybolt23-2723-3028-3027-2924-2720-30
Penetrationmax. 25max. 2515-1916-2020-40
Packinggran/slab/liquidgran/slab/liquidgran/slab/liquidgranulategran/slab slabs
Semi refined paraffin waxes.
Application: Grave lights, Torches, outdoor candles, garden candles, Votive Church candles, Rubber production…

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